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It is a food that reflects a certain way of life and culture. It is described as an eating style, ancient in origin, and favored in Greece and the Mediterranean. It’s where eating is about hospitality and celebration. A meze is not a meal course like an appetizer, but rather a dish served hot or cold, spicy or savory, served alone or with other mezethes, as a separate eating experience to compliment and enhance the taste of the drink of wines, ouzo, raki, to name a few, and to provide the backdrop of a social gathering.

In Greece it’s common for groups of families and friends to gather or go out for mezethes, and have several of these delightful dishes, with drinks, conversations and laughter.
Everyone shares those small plates at the table and the experience not only provides a wonderful variety of flavors and texture sensations, but also creates the kind of happy, convivial or perhaps noisy atmosphere for which Greeks are very well known.

Listing Amenities / Liste des commodités

  • Accepts cash / Accepte les espèces
  • Accepts credit cards / Accepte les cartes de crédit
  • Outdoor seating / Terrasse extérieure
  • Walk-in friendly / Convivial

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