Carrots n' Dates - Cornwall | Restomaps Restaurant

The food at Carrots ‘N Dates will take you on a journey across three continents that can be tasted in every hand-crafted bite.

Neviana’s background in the kitchen, with influence from her grandmother’s cooking, pushes the boundary of flavors by providing a unique twist on many popular and well-loved dishes. Along with the integration of African and Eastern European influences, the dishes are prepared with the finest fresh ingredients and organically grown when possible.

Carrots N’ Dates maximizes the opportunity of living so close to an abundance of fresh foods, and fostering these early partnerships with local farmers and businesses is just the beginning of a transition to using produce found in Essex-County.
By eating these nutrient-dense whole foods, packed with spices from abroad, you’ll feel a deeper connection to yourself, your community, and your earth.

The food at Carrots N’ Dates will make you feel at home again while also introducing you to a place that you didn’t know you’d been longing for.

Listing Amenities / Liste des commodités

  • Accepts cash / Accepte les espèces
  • Accepts credit cards / Accepte les cartes de crédit
  • Children’s menu / Menu enfant
  • High chairs available / Chaises hautes
  • Outdoor seating / Terrasse extérieure
  • Street parking / Stationnement dans la rue
  • Walk-in friendly / Convivial
  • Wheelchair Accesible / Accessible aux fauteuils roulants
  • Wireless Internet / Internet sans fil

Featured Menu / Menu en vedette


Opening Hours / Horaires ouvertures

Closed / Fermé
10:00am - 04:00pm
09:00am - 08:00pm
09:00am - 08:00pm
09:00am - 08:00pm
09:00am - 09:00pm
09:00am - 09:00pm
10:00am - 04:00pm
May 28, 2024 6:31 am

Contact Information / Informations de contact